100% Canadian VPS Services

Powerful, flexible Virtual Machines & Virtual Private Servers based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Our virtualization plans allow you to scale as you grow. Resources are dedicated and never over-sold.  Data center located in downtown Calgary.

Basic VPS

$39.99/month $399.99/year

  •  Provisioning-Free
  •  RAM-1GB
  •  Disk Space-20GB storage
  •  Monthly Bandwidth-50GB bandwidth
  •  CPU-1 CPU core
  •  IP Address-1 IP Address
  •  OS
    •  Ubuntu
    •  Debian


$59.99/month $599.99/year

  •  Provisioning-Free
  •  RAM-2GB
  •  Disk Space-40GB storage
  •  Monthly Bandwidth-100GB bandwidth
  •  CPU-2 CPU core
  •  IP Address-1 IP Address
  •  OS
    •  Ubuntu
    •  Debian

Business VPS

$79.99/month $799.99/year

  •  Provisioning-Free
  •  RAM-3GB
  •  Disk Space-60GB storage
  •  Monthly Bandwidth-150GB bandwidth
  •  CPU-3 CPU core
  •  IP Address-1 IP Address
  •  OS
    •  Ubuntu
    •  Debian

Supreme VPS

$99.99/month $1099.99/year

  •  Provisioning-Free
  •  RAM-4GB
  •  Disk Space-100GB storage
  •  Monthly Bandwidth-250GB bandwidth
  •  CPU-4 CPU core
  •  IP Address-1 IP Address
  •  OS
    •  Ubuntu
    •  Debian

Additional Resources & Services

  •  VPS managment services. Packages are listed below.
  • Click here
  •  Additional CPU’s  at a rate of 1 for $19.99/Month
  •  RAM can be added at a rate of $8/GB/Month
  •  Disk space can be added at a rate of $0.45/GB/Month
  •  Bandwidth can be added at a rate of $5/100GB/Month
  •  Additional IP addresses can be purchased for $6/Month
  •  Incremental backups available for $10/Month, including the first 50GB and $0.15/GB/Month thereafter
  •  Server maintenance is available for $95/Hr

Hosting You Can Count On 24/7

At Your Service 24 hours a day.

We offer both Virtual Container (known as VPS) and Virtual Machine (VM) options, which utilize OpenVZ and KVM, respectively.

Our cluster is extremely robust, and our data center is exceptionally reliable.

We offer 4 pre built Linux packages. If none of these fit your needs, feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Servers are located downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Choose between:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian

Virtual Private Servers Management

Hourly: $95.00/hour. The hourly rate applies to anything not included in your service package. Available packages are listed below.

Essential: $69.99 Month

  • Monthly software and operating system updates
  • Immediate updates for critical vulnerabilities


Basic: $99.99 Month

  • Everything included under Essential, plus:
  • Memory and disk usage
    • Check load on machine, memory and CPU usage
    • Check disk usage, including inodes
  • Firewall configuration
  • SSHD configuration


Comprehensive: $149.99 Month

  • Everything included under Basic, plus:
  • Log monitoring
    • Watch logs for malicious connections attempts and mitigate risk
    • Check dmesg for kernel issues
    • Catch and correct software errors
  • Check for filesystem issues

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding service the last few years.” – Pin High Recreational Golf